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At Piramal Petroleum we pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to meet your specific needs No matter where you are in the world. We can provide you with products from four of the top international petroleum companies in the world, and provide them how and when you need them. Furthermore, we have the flexibility to ship them toyou from either the east or west coast of the United States.

For more than 6 years, Piramal Petroleum has delivered the highest quality petroleum products and services to customer throughout the East Coast. With our ability to supply both marine and commercial requirements, Piramal Petroleum has developed a reputation as a diverse provider of petroleum related services. This commitment has allowed Piramal Petroleum to become a leader in marine/commercial fuel distribution as well as commercial fleet fueling and lubricant blending.

We provide comprehensive fueling solutions for retail stores, commercial fleets, trucking companies, utilities, municipalities, farming operations, Hotel Industries and more. To accommodate specialty needs, we also offer Aviation and Bio-diesel fuels and a variety of additives.

A Part from this Company is Also Distributer of COAL & COKE in Association with CIL (Coal Indian Ltd.) for Whole Chattishgarh. Piramal Petroleum is also Distributer of Reliance Furnance Oil & Essar Furnance Oil for Whole Chattishgarh. A Part form this Company is having own storage of 500Kl and very soon it will become 1500 Kl. Company is having its own production plant for Bio Fuel Production at Chattishgarh.

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